All 5 Bed HMO’s will require a licence

New regulations effecting HMO’s coming this October. Government wants to protect all tenants who are sharing homes.

A property house in multiple occupation (HMO) is a property rented out by atleast 3 people who are not from ‘1 household’ (not related) but share facilities like a kitchen and bathroom.

Currently a mandatory HMO licence is required only if a property is 3 storeys or more and occupied by 5 people or more who are not all related.

If the MPs approve the new measures, from April, the government is set to change this in England. Regulations will remove the number of storeys element and so any house or flat with 5 or more occupiers (not all related) will require a HMO licence. In addition, local councils must impose minimum space rules on shared homes.

Bedrooms for one adult must measure at least 6.51 square metres, while those for two adults should be no smaller than 10.22 square metres and rooms for children up to 10 years old must have an area of 4.64 square metres or more. It seems that the minimum bedroom size refers to any HMO (3 or more people sharing) and not just those that need a licence.

Councils will have new powers they need to crack down rogue landlords and put them out of the business for good.

The new HMO licence will specify how many people can live in each bedroom and the total occupancy number put on a property will limit how many people can live in a home. The licence will also tell landlords which rooms cannot be used as bedrooms.

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